bloody unstable mood of the music. He was fighting mad, and you can feel that in the turbulence of the music. He was frightened, and the music is frightening. He was in love. And so he was lonely. That he and his friends – who were just as lonely in their own ways – could turn these thoughts and confusions so magically into sounds – gen- tle, pure, heartbreaking and lacerating sounds – is but a hint of the alchemical extravagance of this strangely intelli- gent, ridiculously burdened, youthfully defiant, glooming and blooming, magnificently doomed, old style, avant garde, anonymous and famous rock and roll group.
   And so?
   And so if I may be so bold at such an exact time as to say the fallowing; Joy Division locate us in the gently smoldering nowhere solid hell* of communal remembering, of mutual awareness, never exact, never erased.

   And so, mind you, there**.
  * The word hell stems from the Germanic root meaning 'concealed’ and originally, like Hades or Sheol, had less to with punishment than simple bleak survival in a vague netherworld.

** Another end, another day, another doldrum, another beginning, another way of seeing things where there is nothing and everything to see. And so, on.