licht und blindheit

       Jean-Pierre Turmel
       November/December '79

The event on stage is more than a spectacle. The intense spotlight beam isolates the silhouette, fixes it in space and annuls time. Blinded and dumbstruck for a moment, the illuminated singer no longer discerns the limits of the room around him. An echo in the heart of the chance silence strengthens the overwhelming impression of a subterranean quest. Echoes of grottoes and cold cathedrals, echoes of the infinite cosmos.

   Categories of anguish tend to merge together: the oppression of depths and the closed evoke dread of the void, the corridors of the kingdom of the dead resound in the far depths of ourselves like the idea of the infinite.
   This spectacle is a ritual, one infinitely despairing of solitude.
   A shudder ... Those few seconds, free from vibrations, are an eternity. In them, they condense the depth of inte- rior reflections, funeral exploration of dark labyrinths, from which only the unique and irredeemable end is certain. Would the music be only punctuation and accentuation, the frame more or less hewn from an absolute silence, secretly sought after?
   The blinding spotlight is a setting sun. The horizontal light of dusk, which strikes the eyes without the head having to look up. It is the hour of unmeasured shadows announcing the return of darkness. Intermediary time zone and moment of mixed emotions. Exaltation and depression