Release Date/Title/Track Listing Record Label Chart Position Pressing Notes
10/79: Earcom 2: Contradiction

1)Autosuggestion 2)From safety to where...?
Fast Products
   - 12" EP Sleeve design by Bob Last.
Also featuring:
Thursdays and Basczax
10/79: Transmission / Novelty Factory Records
FAC 13
   - 7" single Sleeve design by Peter Saville.
Rereleased on 12" with new cover as FAC 13.12, 12/80
3/80: Licht Und Blindheit

1)Atmosphere 2)Dead souls
   - 7" single
(plays @ 33rpm)
1578 numbered copies
Gatefold colour booklet and text by Jean-Pierre Turmel
(English translation by Paul Buck);
front cover illustration by JF Jamoul and collage by Jean-Pierre Turmel
4/80: "Flexidisc"

1)Komakino 2)Incubation 3)As you said
Factory Records
FAC 28
   - Initial pressing of 10,000 copies Free giveaway. As you said also released on Video 5-8-6, Touch Tone 7.1, 1997.
4/80: Love will tear us apart

1)Love will tear us apart 2)These days
3)Love will tear us apart (Pennine version)
Factory Records
UK: 13, 28/6/80
9 weeks.
Re-entry 29/10/83,
7 weeks.
Highest position 19

7" A side @ 45rpm;
B side @ 33rpm
Sleeve design by Peter Saville.
The Pennine version of Love will tear us apart is not credited on this version.
Reissued on 12", FAC 21.12, 27.6.80.
Some jukebox promos were made with just These days on B side @ 45rpm