Release Date/Title/Track Listing Record Label Chart Position Pressing Notes
7/80: Closer

1)Atrocity exhibition 2)Isolation 3)Passover 4)Colony 5)A means to an end 6)Heart and soul 7)Twenty four hours 8)The eternal 9)Decades
Factory Records
UK: 6; 27/7/80, 8 weeks 12" LP Sleeve design by Peter Saville and Martyn Atkins;
photography by Bernard Pierre Wolff.
Issued on cassette by Factory in 1987, FACT 25c, in a limited edition purple box. It was issued on CD in 1988, as FACD 25.
Early copies came with a 'car-carrying' sleeve.
It was reissued in 1994 by London REcords, cat no 520015
2/9/80: Atmosphere / She's lost control Factory Records
   - 12" single Sleeve photography by Charles Meecham;
typographics by Peter Saville
8/10/81: Still

A: 1)Exercise one 2)Ice age 3)The sound of music 4)Glass 5)The only mistake
B: 1)Walked in line 2)The kill 3)Something must break 4)Dead souls 5)Sister ray
C: 1)Ceremony 2)Shadowplay 3)Means to an end 4)Passover 5)New dawn fades
D: 1)Transmission 2)Disorder 3)Isolation 4)Decades 5)Digital
Factory Records
UK: 5, 17/10/81, 5 weeks 2 x 12" LP Sleeve design by Peter Saville.
First 5000 with hessian cloth cover and card sleeves.
Issued in a two cassette-pack by Factory in 1987, FACT 40c, in a limited edition purple box.
It was issued on a single CD in 1990, as FACD 50, reissued in 1994 by London Records, cat no 520017
6/88: Atmosphere

1)Atmosphere 2)Love will tear us apart 3)Transmission, live at The Factory, Manchester
Factory Records
FACD 213
UK: 34, 18/6/88, 5 weeks CD Sleeve: Plus en Min (detail) by Jan Van Munster; art direction by Peter Saville; design by Brett Wickens, Peter Saville Associates; photography by Trevor Key. Also on cassette and 12" including The only mistake and Sound of music, and on 7", FAC 213/7, omitting Sound of music and Transmission (live)