Release Date/Title/Track Listing Record Label Chart Position Pressing Notes
7/88: Substance: Joy Division 1977-80

1)Warsaw 2)Leaders of men 3)Digital 4)Autosuggestion 5)Transmission 6)She's lost control 7)Incubation 8)Dead souls 9)Atmosphere 10)Love will tear us apart Appendix: 11)No love lost 12)Failures 13)Glass 14)From safety to where...? 15)Novelty 16)Komakino 17)These days
Factory Records
FACD 250
   - CD Sleeve: Energie-Piek ijs (detail) by Jan Van Munster; art direction by Peter Saville; design by Brett Wickens, Peter Saville Associates; photography by Trevor Key.
Also Issued on red vinyl, omitting the last seven tracks, as FACT 250.
Reissued in 1994 by London Records, cat no 520017
1990: Peel Sessions

1)Exercise one 2)Insight 3)She's lost control 4)Transmission 5)Love will tear us apart 6)Twenty four hours 7)Colony 8)Sound of music
Strange Fruit
   - CD Sleeve design by Peter Saville Associates:
photography by Anton Corbijn.
Sessions transmitted 14/2/79 & 10/12/79
8/91: Martin

1)She's lost control
Factory Records
FACD 325
   - CD Compilation of Martin Hannett productions
1991: Palatine: The Factory Story

Vol 1/1979-1982: Tears in Their Eyes (FACD 314):
1)Transmission 2)Love will tear us apart
Vol 3/1979-1989: The Beat Groups (FACD 334):
Vol 4/1987-1990: Selling Out (FACD 344):
Factory Records
FACD 400
   - 4 x CD Photography by Kevin Cummins, Ged Murray,
and Peter Walsh.
Also released on 4x cassette FACT 400c