Date/Session Venue/Studio Performance/Recording Production Notes
18/12/79 Les Bains Douches, Paris 1)Insight 2)Shadowplay 3)Transmission 4)Day of the lords 5)Twenty four hours    - Broadcast live on Paris Radio
11/1/80 Paradiso, Amsterdam 1)Passover 2)Wilderness 3)Digital 4)Day of the lords 5)Insight 6)New dawn fades 7)Disorder 8)Transmission 9)Love will tear us apart 10)These days 11)A means to an end 12)Twenty four hours 13)Shadowplay 14)She's lost control 16)Atrocity exhibition 17)Atmosphere 18)Interzone    - Some or all of this concert broadcast on Dutch radio
3/80: Love will tear us apart
Session 1
Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 1)These days 2)Sound of music 3)Love will tear us apart (version 1) Martin Hannet    -
3/80: Love will tear us apart
Session 2
Strawberry Studios, Stockport 1)Love will tear us apart (single version) 2)She's lost control (12" version) Martin Hannet    -
18 to 30/3/80: Closer Sessions Britannia Row Studios, Islington, London 1)Atrocity exhibition 2)Isolation 3)Passover 4)Colony 5)A means to an end 6)Heart and soul 7)Twenty four hours 8)The eternal 9)Decades 10)Komakino 11)Incubation 12)As you said Martin Hannet    -
2/4/80 The Moonlight Club, Hampstead 1)Sister ray Martin Hannet Released on Still and
recorded in full
2/5/80 High Hall, Birmingham University 1)Ceremony 2)Shadowplay 3)A means to an end 4)Passover 5)New dawn fades 6)Twenty four hours 7)Transmission 8)Disorder 9)Isolation 10)Decades 11)Digital Martin Hannet The full set was released
on Still