Date/Venue Performance/Notes
20/9/78: Granada Studio 2, Manchester 1)Shadowplay.
Broadcast on Granada Reports, with negative offcuts from a World in Action about the CIA chromakeyed behind the group.
15/9/79: Something Else, BBC 2 1)Transmission 2)She's lost control
+ interview with Steve Morris and Tony Wilson
28/4/80: Love will tear us apart promo video Several versions of this video were edited out of this performance at TJ Davidson Rehearsal Studios. It was directed by Stuart Orme, and first shown on Granada's Saturday morning children's programme, Fun Factory, on the 26th June 1980. Manchester DJ Ray Teret Introduced the clip thus: "Joy Division isn't a female vocalist, it's a band".
14/3/79: Bowdown Vale Youth club Three songs filmed by Malcolm Whitehead as part of a 17 minute Super 8 film - to be completed in 1998 - which also included: material shot during an Unknown Pleasures rehearsal at TJ Davidson's; an interview with Rob Gretton recorded 23/3/79; and part of a speech by Manchester's then Chief Constable, James Anderton. A version of this film was shown at the Scala Cinema in London on 13/9/79 - an event given a FAC number, FAC 9.
33/9/79: No City Fun A 12 min. Super 8 film by Charles Salem; text by Liz Naylor (based on an article in City Fun)
and music from Unknown Pleasures
27/10/79: Apollo, Manchester 1)Dead souls 2)Love will tear us apart 3)Shadowplay 4)She's lost control.
Both nights at the Apollo were videotaped in full (on 1/2 inch tape) by Buzzcocks' manager Richard Boon. All songs were released on the Ikon video, Here Are The Young Men (FACT 37: released 18/8/82)
28/10/79: Apollo, Manchester 1)Day of the lords 2)Transmission 3)Sound of music 4)Walked in line 5)I remember nothing
18/1/80: Effenaar, Eindhoven, Holland 1)Digital 2)Colony 3)New dawn fades 4)Autosuggestion.
Filmed on Super 8.