The booklet was edited by Jon Savage and Jon Wozencroft. It was designed by Peter Saville, Jon Wozencroft and Howard Wakefield at the apartment, and Richard Smith at Area. Abstract photography and video stills by Jon Wozencroft. Digital imaging by Martin Orpen at Idea. Rebecca Boulton supplied all other photographs from the Fractured Music archives courtesy Philippe Carly, Jill Furmanovsky and others unknown. The Paul Morley article is a new, specially comis- sioned piece. The Jean Pierre Turmel text was published, in this translation by Paul Buck, in the Licht und Blindheit Sordide Sentimental package (1979). Good evening, we're Joy Division was first published in Mojo, Issue 8, July 1994. The compiler would like to thank: Rebecca Boulton, without whom this would not have happened; Deborah Curtis for supplying the lyrics; Rob Gretton for going into the vault, not just once but several times; Peter Hook, Steven Morris and Bernard Sumner for answering the call of history yet again; Mike Gill; Stuart James; David Lascelles; Andy Robinson; Martin Rushent; Nick Stewart; Jon Wozencroft for helping with the track selection, for the live material editing, etc.
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Ian Curtis: 15/7/59-18/5/80.