Release Date/Title/Track Listing Record Label Chart Position Pressing Notes
9/6/78: Short Circuit - Live at the Electric Circus

1)At a later date
Virgin Records
VCL 5003
   - 10" LP:
5000 blue vinyl;
300 orange vinyl
promo issue only
Also featuring:
The Fall, Steel Pulse, The Drones, John Cooper Clarke, Buzzcocks
6/78: An Ideal for Living EP

1)Warsaw 2)No love lost 3)Leaders of men 4)Failures
PSS 139
   - 7" LP: 1000 only Fold-out sleeve designed by Bernard Sumner
10/78: An Ideal for Living EP

1)Warsaw 2)No love lost 3)Leaders of men 4)Failures
   - 12" reissue:
1200 copies only
Sleeve design by Steve McGarry; scaffolding photography by DB Glen.
This reissue was prompted by the poor sound quality of the 7", some copies of which were sent to journalists with a disclaimer
1/79: A Factory Sample

1)Digital 2)Glass
Factory Records
   - 2 x 7" singles Shrinkwrap sleeve with four stickers
(Joy Division = a ventriloquist's dummy).
Design by Peter Saville.
Also featuring:
The Royal FAmily, John Dowie, and Cabaret Voltaire
5/79: Unknown Pleasures

Outside: 1)Disorder 2)Day of the lords 3)Candidate 4)Insight 5)New dawn fades
Inside: 1)She's lost control 2)Shadowplay 3)Wilderness 4)Interzone 5)I remember nothing
Factory Records
UK: 71, 30/8/80
1 week
12" LP Sleeve design by Peter Saville.
Issued on cassette by Factory in 1987, FACT 10c, in a limited edition purple box. It was issued on CD in 1988, as FACD 10. EArly Copies came with a 'car-carrying' sleeve.
It was reissued in 1994 by London Records, cat no 520016