Date/Session Venue/Studio Performance/Recording Production Notes
4/79: Unknown Pleasures Sessions Strawberry Studios, Stockport 1)Disorder 2)Day of the lords 3)Candidate 4)Insight 5)New dawn fades 6)She's lost control 7)Shadowplay 8)Wilderness 9)Interzone 10)I remember nothing 11)Autosuggestion 12)From safety to where...? 13)Exercise one 14)The kill 15)Walked in line Martin Hannet    -
4/6/79: Piccadilly Radio Session Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 1)These days 2)Candidate 3)The only mistake 4)Chance (Atmosphere) 5)Atrocity exhibition Stuart James    -
7/79: Transmission Session 1 Central Sound Studios, Manchester 1)Transmission 2)Novelty 3)Dead souls 4)Something must break Martin Hannet    -
7/79 Strawberry Studios, Stockport 1)Transmission, single version 2)Novelty, single version Martin Hannet    -
9/79: Rock On, Radio 1    - 1)Interzone 2)Shadowplay & Interviews with Ian Curtis, Stephen Morris and Martin Hannet    -    -
10&11/79: Sordide Sentimental Session Cargo Studios, Rochdale 1)Atmosphere 2)Dead souls 3)Ice age Martin Hannet    -
11/79: Northern Lights    - Ian Curtis interview    - Cassette only
26/11/79: John Peel Session 2 BBC Studios, Maida Vale 1)Sound of music 2)Twenty four hours 3)Colony 4)Love will tear us apart Tony Wilson Broadcast 10/12/79